Appreciated Employees Work Harder !

A Wellness Program is one of the best ways to show employees that you care about their mental, physical and emotional health. While some companies think providing Health Insurance is sufficient to manage employee wellness, you realize that going the extra mile is not just a slogan but a way of life. 

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Find Balance

If you are seeking live yoga classes for yourself or your employees, welcome home. I come from the corporate world and teach with patience and humor. I know what stresses professionals and I'm offering a practice to bring the balance back.

Let's build a schedule you and your staff can enjoy and appreciate.

Yoga for Lunch

Take a break that gives you more than a full belly. Add a class mid-day to keep the energy up, help digestion and reduce the amount of wear the body feels after sitting at the computer all day. Try a cardio class, yoga, fitness, self-defense or meditation.

Hang In There!

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We are all doing our best to maintain our Lives in spite of the dramatic shifts we experience. You are not alone. Let's practice together - separately of course.

When Stress and Fear hold more space in the mind than Gratitude and Acceptance find the Reset Button.

Live Training Online

Personal Training is First Come First Served by Appointment Only