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Corporate Wellness Programs

Yoga - Meditation - Self-Defense

Corporate Wellness Programs

Subtle but effective changes to daily routines allow success to come naturally. With years of experience analyzing corporate, construction, athletic and sedentary lifestyles, together we create a plan that will help you enjoy your body. We discuss and practice healthy eating, exercise, meditation, proper rest and yoga.  

(Not a Licensed Dietician) 


Kids Martial Arts

Yoga - Meditation - Self-Defense

Corporate Wellness Programs

Who knew remote learning could be this time consuming! Our children are spending as much time at the computer as we are these days. Let's give them something to do that will last beyond the quarantine.

Children will learn basic movements, postures and breath control. This is a great practice to share with your children, like a board game you act out in real life.

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Yoga - Meditation - Self-Defense

Yoga - Meditation - Self-Defense

Yoga - Meditation - Self-Defense

"Karate Mike" Olusczak has taught Thousands of hours of Martial Arts, Fitness and Yoga Classes over the past 20 years. Every student, client, friend and relative has picked up something that has made their physical experience better. 

From a simple stretch to a change in posture to a specific exercise routine, Michael will design the best practice for you.

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Cardioga Class M/Th @ 6:30pm EST

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

60min Online class via Webex

30min Martial Arts inspired Cardio

30min of gentle Yoga Asana. Fee is per class.

Discounts Available for 10-Class Pack & Monthly Memberships

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What We Do

Online Corportate Fitness Programs

Through Webex and Zoom I provide weekly on-site fitness programs to fit your employees' schedules. Classes include Stretching, yoga, meditation, fitness, no-contact kickboxing and Self-Defense.

I can even design stretch stations for your home or office!

Contact me to set up a Complimentary online trial class today!

Online Yoga Classes

Power Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga

I practice asana to defend the body from Age.

Through it, I meet this moment with Strength, Mobility and Balance sustainably.

It is worth maintaining.

Personal Training

1-on-1 training for a wide variety of clients, from those wanting to lose a few pounds to top athletes seeking to maximize every movement. 

Programs include At Home workout routines designed specifically for your needs, to be done at your convenience and revised as necessary.

Traditional Martial Arts

Sensei Michael Olusczak, 4th Dan 

Study Japanese Kykokushin Ha Karate as well as Okinawan Karate, Judo, Kung Fu, Aikido, and Kobudo.

Kids' Martial Arts ages 7+

Private Training or

Get the family or a group of friends together for a live self-defense or Karate Class.

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