Michael Olusczak


  Michael attended university on a martial arts scholarship and has been teaching professionally since 2004. That same year, as the senior instructor to over 100 mixed martial arts students, he began studying Hatha Yoga and realized he had found the perfect compliment to his combative training. Martial Arts and Hatha Yoga share many practices such as self-discipline, self-improvement, spinal awareness, body alignment and breath-work for developing internal power.  

Combining the two practices, Michael cultivates Yang (outward energy) in his martial arts and Yin (inward energy) in his Yoga. His students range from 7 to 71 years old and he constantly improves his methods through teaching. Known for his powerful karate and yoga demonstrations, his classes challenge students at all levels as he teaches with light humor and a heavy technique. His students always come to school ready to sweat, smile and learn. 

Michael holds several teaching certifications in martial arts and yoga including:

4th Degree Black Belt Ki-Tae Ryu (karate, kung fu, judo, aikido and weapons)
2nd Degree Black Belt Gyaku Nami Do, Gene Thorner Sensei

1st Degree Black Belt Kyokushin-Ha, John Farrell Sensei

1st Degree Black Belt Aikido - Aikido of Pittsburgh, Masutani Sensei

1st Degree Black Belt - Robert Duzoglou Combative Arts

Yogic Arts Advanced Instructor (combining Yoga, Kung Fu and Thai Bodywork)
, Duncan Wong
Registered Yoga Teacher - Vinyasa 200 hr RYT Teaching Certification, Paul Toliuszis + Fred Bush
Currently Studying Universal Yoga and Shivanata under Andrey Lappa

Michael is currently providing instruction for Fisher Island Club & Spa, Corporate Clientele and by appointment only.